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Minimalist Blog Planner Template for the Passionate, Purpose-Driven, Creative Blogger

Includes (1) Post Planner; (2) Weekly Planner; (3) Daily Themes; (4) Year at a Glance; (5) Blog Ideas Dump; and (6) An Insert with Motivational Quote to inspire you in your blogging

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Blog Planner Template for Purpose-driven Bloggers

Running a successful blog requires more than just passion and commitment. It needs a consistent and scalable system that helps you create and distribute content in a purposeful and profitable manner.

Through all my years blogging, I have become obsessed with creating systems that help individual bloggers and companies churn out content that drives creativity and consistency. I created this blog planner template for this purpose, and I’m excited to share this with bloggers like you who desire to have a more intentional content creation process.

What makes this blog planner template different

One quick search on Google and you’ll find different versions of blog planners for all types of people. Trust me, I’ve looked around and done the legwork. Unfortunately, though, I have not seen one that really suits my requirements and aesthetics. I’ve seen a lot of colorful ones, too overly designed for my taste. I need one that will actually make me organized, and not distract me from what’s essential.

Frustrated, I created my own blog planner template which I have been using and testing for months. Finally, something that actually motivates me to stay organised, on track, and inspired to create content.

I created this blog planner for YOU, if you’re like me who needs something minimalist, essential, straightforward, minus the fluff.

In this FREE version you’ll find the following essential blog planner templates:

  1. Blog Post Planner. This ultimate blog planner will help you plan out your blog posts with the essentials in mind. It comes with a checklist of elements that your blog posts need to be optimised for search, promoted in social media, and looking like a pro.
  2. Weekly Planner. If you’re the type who likes planning out your posts per week, the weekly planner will help you track your daily posts and batch-work your tasks.
  3. Daily Themes. The daily themes page will help you brainstorm in a thematic way so that you will never run out of content ideas to create daily.
  4. Year at a Glance. The year at a glance page will allow you to see your blogging year in a big picture. You can use it to keep track of your year in terms of monthly goals or themes, or both.
  5. Blog Ideas Dump. Consider this page as a swipe file of blog content ideas so you will never run out of them
  6. Motivational Insert. The motivational insert serves more than just a scratch paper. It comes with a motivational quote that will inspire you to dream up big dreams for your blog.

Hope you find these blog planner pages useful!



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Dated 2019. 58 printable pages—45 planner pages, 12 inspiring inserts and motivational prompts, plus free dotted grid templates.

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