7 Days to Blogging with Purpose

This free e-course is designed for bloggers who desire to take their blogging to a whole new level of meaning and purpose.

Whether you want to have a more intentional blog strategy, or you’re feeling stuck and uninspired that blogging has become a chore, Blogging with Purpose is exactly what you need.

Because the truth is, we all go through blogging burnout or a prolonged period of creative drought. Understandably so, since you and I know that blogging requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and consistency.

What I realised through the years is that the feeling of overwhelm is usually a result of a shift in goals or seasons in life.

It’s important, therefore, to occasionally go back to the drawing board, re-assess your purpose for blogging, and restrategize. Which is what Blogging with Purpose E-course is all about.

P.S. If you’re new at blogging, this e-course will get you started at the right direction.

So here’s what’s going to happen.

For 7-days I will send you lessons and accompanying worksheets via email and guide you to:

  • Re-define or re-ignite your purpose for blogging
  • Identify your blog #goals
  • Carve out your unique niche
  • Dig into the heart of your target readers
  • Unravel your passions and strengths so you can..
  • Begin creating an inspired message that attracts the right people.

PLUS some personal stories and lessons I gained from over 10 years of professional and leisure blogging.

And it’s totally FREE, just in case you missed that part. 😉 Sounds good?

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