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It literally took me 18 years of learning and testing and taking risks (and spending money on tools that didn’t work for me) to make my blog running the way it does now. You don’t have to make the same mistakes I did, and you sure don’t need to waste 18 years of your life to get it right.

I put together this list so you can save yourself those precious hours and unnecessary costs by investing in the right tools.

Here are the tools I use to run and grow my blog/s. If they’re on this list, it means I HIGHLY RECOMMEND them.

Some of these links are affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy here.

Website Setup


Web Hosting and Domain Registration. I’ve tried several web hosting providers in the past 2 decades, and I’ve never been more confident about recommending a web host until I transferred to Siteground. Very affordable, super fast uptime, but my favorite feature is their very reliable 24/7 chat support that’s unlike any other. Seriously guys, the best web host I’ve been on, considering I’ve dealt with quite a lot of horrible ones. Sign up with Siteground HERE.

Read why I think Siteground is the best web host for bloggers.


Content Management System. Hands down the most reliable open-source content publishing software that’s been tried and tested through time. Highly recommended for content-based websites and personal blogs. If you’re using Siteground, you can easily install WordPress through the Siteground panel.


Online Shop and E-commerce Management. Shopify is THE BEST when you want to set up shop and promote your products online. We’ve been using Shopify for our letter board business, Lettergram PH, and we love how easy it is to build an online shop (drag and drop!), update product pages, create discount codes, cross-promote products on your social media pages and receive payments without delays. Start selling with Shopify HERE.

Ehem.. Excuse me for the superlatives guys, but I can never recommend these brands enough.. they really are the best.

WordPress Themes

Genesis + Studiopress

Genesis is like WordPress on steroids. It allows you to easily build powerful, beautiful, and search engine optimized websites with WordPress. The website you’re looking at now is built on the Genesis Framework, and have been on Genesis Framework for years. Check out Genesis and Studiopress HERE.

Station Seven

Station Seven is my go-to place for clean and minimalist WordPress themes and design packs. They have a range of Genesis child themes for use on WordPress sites, as well as Squarespace themes and other design templates. Check out Stnsvn’s range of WordPress themes HERE.

Restored 316

Restored 316 specializes in classic and feminine WordPress themes that are just too pretty! Also built on Genesis Framework, Restored themes are not just pretty but also fully optimized and packed with features. Take the quiz to know which Restored 316 theme is best for you HERE.


If you don’t want to use Genesis Framework, Bluchic is your go-to shop for stand alone feminine WordPress themes. Before I shifted to Genesis Framework, I use Bluchic not only for my own blog but for my clients’ blogs too. Check out the Bluchic Shop HERE.

Email List Building


If you want to take your email list building to a whole new level of awesome, Converkit is worth the investment. Highly recommended for bloggers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs who want to go into content publishing and information-based business. Check out Convertkit’s features HERE.


For basic email list building and newsletter requirements, Mailchimp does the job. I started with Mailchimp and used it for years before moving to Convertkit.

Content Creation

Download my Blog Content Strategy Workbook, Blog Content Planner, and Blog Content Review when you sign up for my FREE Blogging with a Purpose E-courses. This e-course will take you back to the drawing board, unravel your passion for blogging, with an end-result of creating more intentional blog content that attracts and makes an impact to the right target readers.

Promotion and Automation


Social Media Scheduling Tool. If you plan on leveraging Twitter and Facebook, Buffer is a good tool to manage and schedule your posts. More than the tool, I specifically love the community and the great deal of social media resources they publish on their blog.


Instagram Scheduling and Analysis. I’m obssessed with UNUM you guys. I forgot how I came across this tool, but since I tried using it I never looked back. I use it for my personal IG content as well as our side-business and clients’ IG accounts.


Pinterest Scheduling Tool. Promoting content on Pinterest is the ultimate game changer in increasing website traffic, and Boardbooster does that on autopilot. Try out Boardbooster for free HERE.


Pinterest Scheduling Tool. So I jumped into the bandwagon of Pinterest marketing, albeit hesistant at first. But soon as I crossed over, I realized just how much I’ve been missing! Tailwind makes Pinterest promotion so efficient and, when used with Boardbooster, makes your Pinterest promotion a well-oiled machine.

I’ll keep updating this page, so keep checking for updates!

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This e-course will take you back to the drawing board, unravel your passion and purpose for blogging, with an end-result of creating more intentional blog content that will attract the right readers.

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